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Re: Behind the scenes: When a fan visited the set

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Great pics, thanks. Any captions to identify some of the behind the scenes folks in the pics. I recognized Shatner, of course, but not some of the others.

Sir Rhosis
Hi Sir Rhosis,

I believe these pictures are from the January 1968 TV Radio Mirror magazine. If so, then the person in the tenth photo from the top, standing next to Nimoy, is Dack Rambo.

At any rate, starting from the top picture, here's who I recognize:

1. Person on Nimoy's left is Sandy Nimoy.
4. Teresa Victor (Nimoy's Assistant) is to Nimoy's left.
11. Person seated behind and between Nimoy and Peggye is Jerry Finnerman. As already mentioned, Pevney is to Peggye's left.
12. L to R: Peggye, Nimoy and Sandy.

BTW, Peggye Vickers was one of the presidents of the Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans ( Leonard was (and still is) very gracious to his clubs.



Dave - in #12, the guy on the far right in the striped shirt - could that be Morris Chapnick, the production assistant? I seem to remember seeing a picture or two of him, and that he was rather balding like that
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