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Re: Riker in First Contact (episode, not the film)

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I don't think I ever saw in Trek a handsome looking guy with an ugly looking alien woman.
Look no further than Riker and his "emo boy looking girl" phase. And if I recall... procreation, as discussed by them, involved him inseminating a husk.

Noted, she isn't actually ugly, but she's no Lilith Crane either.
I'm unsure which episode this was in. Are you referring to the woman in the episode "First Contact"? If I remember correctly, while she may not have been super hot, she certainly wasn't ugly.

You may be referring to that episode with the androgynous woman (the name escapes me at the moment). Not sure which one. That girl wasn't ugly either, just tv-uglified.
Not only tv-uglified, but tv ugly by today's standards. Riker also flirted with that one "Keyboard" player for his very smooth Riker way that he pulls off so well. She was definitly supposed to be ugly, but she was also smart and savvy.

Your OP certainly stands though for the most part. There is Jean-Luc and Guinan (maybe at some point) again, she's no Ferengi, but you know what I mean.
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