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Re: Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark?

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That said, and back on topic, if shes not a magic stripper, I'd like to see her in a movie, along with other magic heroes.
Really? She looked much more like a stripper in her old costume. I could see somebody wearing that thing to bachelor parties. It looked even worse on Smallville.

I like her new look. It has a touch of goth and looks like something somebody might actually wear. It will definitely work in a movie.

As for the rest of the new universe, I really like the redesign of many of the Batman and Flash villains. I like the redesigns for all of the Justice League, with the exception of that little jaw protector thing flash wears. J'onn's costume looks great as well. Green Arrow is fine--I like that they have gone back to his pre-beard look, but I don't like the way the character is actually written. The only two redesigns that I don't like are Hawkman's and slutty--Victoria Secret underwear sporting--Catwoman.

But these are only my opinions and not objective facts.
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