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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Picked up a lot of games on the steam sale a while back, and have plowed through a few since. Bastion was surprisingly fun (a mix of things that shouldn't work well together - cheery old school graphics and weary grizzled narration - working well together), and Spec Ops: The Line was... unsettling. Bothered me a bit that a game set in Dubai focuses almost entirely on American characters, but that's part of its Heart of Darkness-inspired heritage - and the rest of it came off as a kind of angrily subversive take on the generic hero fantasy plot of a shooter. Quite unsettling and effective a gaming experience.

Pretty much my every other waking moment is Mark of the Ninja, though.

And hey, I got the X Series Box for 9.99! Now I just need a few economics degrees and I'll be able to understand how to play one of these bloody games...

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If there was a WRPG where these RPG elements were streamlined to the same extent as they are in JRPGs so that the focus is on the plot/exploration rather than the loot/leveling I think I would enjoy it.
A lot of WRPGs - and honestly, my favourites - have a heavy emphasis on plot. Most everything put out by BioWare, and the better recieved Obsidian Entertainment titles are indicative of this. I play their games pretty exclusively for the plot, and they're generally pretty good at providing games where I feel like I have impacted the plot in a meaningful way. There's also WRPGS that indulge heavily in exploration - that's usually Bethesda's thing what with Skyrim and Fallout 3 - but besides MMOs like Warcraft it's not a focus that appeals to me.

Hell, if anything, in Mass Effect 2 BioWare dropped most of the conventional RPG mechanics and honestly it was a better game mechanically than the often confused first entry in the series.

My issue with JRPGs... well on the one hand they're virtually exclusively console games and I'm a PC gamer, but also because the plots seem invariably terrible to an outsider from the genre. First and foremost I like RPGs with stories I like, so I stick to my comfort zone.
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