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Re: Neelix Had Some Great Episodes Throughout the Series

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Tonight, just completely random, I decided to watch Season 7's Homestead, the episode where Neelix leaves. As I was watching this episode, which gave Neelix a better send off than the rest of the crew, I was thinking for all the negative pub Neelix as a character got, some of his episodes were the best. It seemed like each season you had a serious Neelix show, some of which included Tuvok like:

Season 1: Jetrel
Season 2: Tuvix
Season 3: Fair Trade
Season 4: Mortal Coil
Season 5: Once Upon a Time (I don't like Flotter, but Neelix as godfather giving Naomi some hope was the best part of the episode)
Season 6: Riddles
Season 7: Homestead

The one thing these episodes (Except maybe Tuvix had in common was it really allowed Phillips to shine in the role. It's a shame really he was used so much as comic relief because the serious Neelix shows were some of the best episodes of his character arc. I'm not sure of the characters, except for Janeway, Doc, and Seven, there was this much consistency each season. Neelix may not be my favorite character and he could get annoying at times, but man when he got his season's serious episode, Ethan Phillips did a bang up job making Neelix shine.
I agree.
I didn't mind Neelix' jealousy about Kes.
He was homeless and living in garbage when Voyager found him. In all the universe, Kes is all he had.
She was only one in years to ever return his love.
Too see him as more than just a bum.
What's that song: "You are everything and everything is you."

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Did he comfort the crew after he got Hogan killed with his incompetence? Seriously he should have been booted off the ship after that stunt.
Too quote Obi-Wan: "Who's more foolish. The fool or the fool that follows?"
Neelix isn't an officer and has no rank, he's a civilian.
Even as a Maquis, Hogan held rank. He had the right too decline what Neelix asked. Hogan got himself eaten for doing what he knew might not be right.
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