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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

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How is that different that how you've been going around posting about how great Voyager is? People aren't going to share the same opinions and have the right to voice them.

You may as well be critical of someone because they don't share the same favorite color as you.
Well i don't mind people having different opinions,as long they have real arguments.
Mr Moore said Voyager never traded or struggled for supplies and power and that was clearly wrong because there were many episodes.
Oh sure there are a handful of episodes they are doing this, a couple each season I'd say, but this is the exception and not the rule. When you factor in there are a 172 episodes, I'd say that number falls in under ten percent. It's a perfectly valid argument to say for the majority of the episodes, they could've just been "boldly going" like they were in TOS and TNG.
Yeah, but at the same time always short on supplies thing would have gotten a little redundant after a while too. That and the crew would have looked like idiots if after 3 years they couldn't figure out how to keep the ship stocked and supplied. What type of survivalist are they if they are still having the same supply issues by s5 as they did in s1? Come on, a ship full of scientists and Engineers can't think of a way to fix those problems? Their jobs are to do nothing but think of ways to solve problems and create things to fix it.

On BSG he purposely made life harder for them by making Galactica a 20 year old out of date ship and the supplies they needed hard to come by because there wasn't anybody else in their universe but them and the Cylons. He purposely wrote that all the most creative minds were dead. Seriously in all the fleet of survivors from Caprica, the only scientist/creative mind to survive is Baltar? In Trek, nearly every planetary system has life in it. How hard can it be to find supplies or repairs when you can find people to barter with almost everywhere you go? So yeah, looking at it from that perspective IMO his critiques of Voyager having continued supply and power problems for the whole trip don't make much sense. Which he clearly had to know seeing how he made the BSG universe a dead one in order to give them the supply and power issues.
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