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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Heard the game is pretty good too. Its in Alpha testing i believe right now. Not sure how both will connect with each other and if many will actually play the game.
I read an article on IGN that that did talk a little more about the connection between the two. Here's some of what they said about the connection:
Murphy noted, When some huge catastrophic weather event happens in the TV show, if you've been playing along in the game, something the player has done actually put those events into motion. And you have that extra additive experience. In the pilot, which some people saw, there's a little gadget that Nolan and Irisa have when they're opening up the Ark. If you're just watching the show, you're like, Oh, cool little gadget. If you've actually played the game, that gadget has enormous significance from the game play that's been going on from when we do the initial launch with the Trion game when Nolan and Irisa's characters actually appear in the game.
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