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I can think of many job-related rants, but I probably shouldn't publicize those on the Internet.

For now I'll rant about how everyone is constantly asking me how I'm doing. "Are you doing okay?" "You look tired, are you getting sick?" "How are you feeling?" "Are you limping?" This really irritates me. These people have known me for a year now, you'd think they would realize that this is just my naturally frowny face. I don't have a limp, I'm not upset, I'm not sick, I probably AM tired, mostly from dealing with your irritating questions all day long. It's one thing when they just ask how you're doing and then leave when you say fine, but it's the ones who pry for more details that really bother me. They want to know every detail of what I did over the weekend, what I ate for dinner, how I slept last night. Seriously?! Leave me alone! I am doing just fine and even if something went wrong I would not be talking about it with you!

Okay, that feels better.

There were two people over here doing that to me...yes, I find it extremely irritating too...I finally shut them up by saying...Why ask me? Isn't YOUR life messed up enough for you?

Neither one has spoken to me since. Oh! What a relief THAT is.

and {{{HUGS}}} to all who need one.
Where there is Life, there is Hope

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