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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

I'm kind of like Ssosmcin; sci-fi was my thing. I watched LIS, ST, UFO, 1999, Galactica, Rogers, Man From Atlantis, Logan's Run, Quark, SMDM, The Bionic Woman, various others, and as an adult all the ST spinoffs and the Galactica remake.

Comparing STAR TREK to LOST IN SPACE, Mark Goddard (Maj. Don West) said in an interview once, "Their show came from the head and our show came from the heart." (I'm quoting from memory, but that's very close to it.)

Regarding the impossibility of fitting the roomy Jupiter 2 interior into the sleek and beautiful exterior, the most common blueprint solution is to increase the diameter of the saucer, from the apparent 50 feet to something around 100.

On my hard drive at home, I have a ton of web-found J2 blueprints and CGI renderings, some of which are gorgeous.

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