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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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I'm not sure that it's worth buying med probes. unless I misunderstand they're consumable, so once you use them all have to buy more...with actual money. I wouldn't mind if it was in-game currency and you could spend real money to expand your capacity, but paying to not respawn 500+ meters away? No thanks.

Right, but I can definitely see them mostly being used during instances, as it's a pain to die during an instance and having to get all the way back to it, sometimes with the mobs inside having resetted. Or like the bug that I've experienced earlier where dying and being sent back to the spawn point had caused the quest to be unable to proceed further. And I still haven't beat that quest due to the bug making it all that much harder since I've had to reset it. I'd only be using those probes during instances.
Of course it's a pain, but it's an artificially imposed one. As I've said since F2P was announced, I don't mind them charging for access to better gear, more social events, etc, but to gimp the gameplay mechanics with the express intent on gouging would be customers is a pretty shady business tactic.

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^Even less value for money I'm afraid.
It pays for itself with just the unlimited PvP and FPs/OPs, even if you don't play every night. Everything else is a bonus.

I think the F2P world has embellished a certain degree of entitlement amongst players that EA simply is obligated to adhere to.

SWTOR is the most professional and polished game on the F2P market. (And yes, I've played just about all of them.) The only others that even come close are Aion and LotRO, and even they are deficient in areas.

People like to focus on what they don't get as opposed to what they do.

If you break it down to its most basic elements, players are given a AAA single-player RPG with eight different story lines (all of Bioware quality) for absolutely free.
Lets keep in mind that the reason it's supposedly the best F2P game on the market is because they spent a mint trying to make a WoW killer but even within the first six months they couldn't hold on to a sufficient number of subs. Also, I don't accept that it's a "AAA single-player RPG", what it is, is a heavily padded and *extremely* repetitive AAA single-player RPG. When you add the F2P restriction into the mix, what you're left with is a heavily padded and *extremely* repetitive AAA single-player RPG with artificially gimped mechanics which forces you into even more repetitive action and drawn out play times.

As for the PvP stuff "paying for itself", there are plenty of co-op and PvP games out there (mostly shooters, granted) that have been consistently maintaining thriving communities with regular FREE updates for years.

Don't get me wrong, I like the game, and if it was a straight up Kotor style RPG then I'd happily pay full price. What I won't do--even if I *could* afford it--is pay full price every month until it ceases to be a game and starts becoming a substance abuse problem. At which point, the only reason to keep playing is to justify the continued cost and the only reason to keep paying is to justify the amount of tome one spends on it and round and round it goes.

Personally, once I'm done with the class quests, I'll probably uninstall and never look back.
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