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Re: Crusade - You are the producer

To be fair to DiTillio, his writing background appears to be almost entierly based in the realms of Saturday morning cartoons. Sure, JMS started there too, but that appears to be all that DiTillio aside from B5 and a few episodes of Murder She Wrote.

IIRC he also has a background in writing sourcebooks for pen & paper RPGs and his real talent is in nuts and bolts world building and if you look closely, that's reflected in his B5 scripts. While the plots and dialogue leaves a lot to be desired, there's a lot of detailed background information to be found. Indeed, I'm pretty sure it was DiTillio that wrote up the bible on most of the background aliens like the Drazi, Grome, pak'ma'ra, Hyach, Yolu etc.

...also, I've always had a soft spot for GROPOS. If the guy that played Keffer actually had some acting chops, I think it would have been a whole lot better.
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