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Re: The Five...err Four Doctors!

It's 30 years later and who's still talking about THAT SPECIFIC week of Emmadale Farm?

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Yeah, at this point Smith has consolidated himself in the role enough that they can bring back David Tennant or Tom Baker or whoever and not worry about them overshadowing him.
Tom Baker has enough height and girth to overshadow anyone!

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I, too, would like to see Dick's original draft that focused heavily on The Fourth Doctor.
It certainly sounds interesting. I'd especially like to see how things would have turned out differently with the 2nd/Jamie & 3rd/Brigadier pairings. (Wasn't Jo Grant originally supposed to be with the 3rd Doctor as well?) But would the 4th Doctor really have ended up with that much more screen time than what Davison ended up with in the final version? Often, when I watch Davison in those scenes, I can totally hear Tom Baker saying the lines. ("Kinda" is another Davison story that was originally written for Tom Baker. It's an interesting exercise in contrasts between the two Doctors. Davison gives sincere, pointed line readings to lines that Tom Baker would have thrown away in an endless stream of facetiousness.)
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