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The Americans are more afraid of sex than politics.
And given that, today, the most popular books in America are the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy, I'm not sure that's really the case anymore. Like I said before, it's rather amusing to see S/M erotica prominently displayed in our neighborhood Wal-Mart and grocery stories.

(P.S. stj: I sympathize with your plight. The only bookstore in our town is the Christian one. I have to drive forty-five minutes and across state lines to find a decent Barnes & Noble . . . .)
Reminds of the only two persistent complaints from when I was in the retail book business. One was from a woman, who was allegedly part of a group, who was upset about our selection of erotica claiming it was child porn. She always threatening boycotts and protests.
The other was from the Scientologists, who were always dropping by to make sure Dianetics was in stock and placed in the "right" category ( Psychology ). They were quick to offer copies if we were out. ( We declined ) and got upset if it wasn't in the Psych section.
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