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Help With MP4 Video Conversion (Making a Video w/ Adobe Premiere Pro)

I saw that you can download a free and legal version of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and so I downloaded the software. But, apparently this Adobe software is so old (2005) that MP4s are not a supported video format! That means that if I want to make any videos with this Adobe software, I need to convert my MP4s to another file format. According to something I found on another forum, the following video formats are supported:

So, I was thinking about making an extra copy of my MP4s and converting them into the appropriate file format. Which video format do you recommend that I convert my MP4s to?? I donít want to lose any qualityÖ especially since I want to show my videos to some friends on a very large screen. I found free software that was recommended on CNETís web-site called Any Video Converter and downloaded it. It can convert files to the following (this isnít an all-inclusive list, just the most appropriate file types that I could find):

Do you recommend that I convert my MP4s to any of the above formats? Or do you recommend that I use a different type of (free) file conversion software??? Or, do you have any other general recommendations for me when I try to make this video? I'm actually going to be putting a number of clips and videos into a large video. I've never done this before... except with the free Windows Live Movie Maker Project program. But, I think that even though the Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 is from 2005, it will make a better video than Windows Live Movie Maker Project.
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