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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Fine by me nobody got in, although IMO Biggio kind of deserved to get in on the first ballot.
Because I like him....

I know from a statistical standpoint he made it because of his longevity, and he probably isn't really a 1st ballot guy, but I respect the hell out him for being an all star catcher and then converting to 2nd base where most catchers go to either 1st base or right field, and became a multiple all star at that position.
He's also the only player with 3000+ hits, 600+ doubles, 400+ stolen bases, and 250+ homeruns.

He was never the stereotypical studly hero player, but he went about his business every day and amassed some great numbers and there's never been any speculation that he never took steroids.

For the Record, I'm not an Astros homer, so this just isn't fanboy stuff. I've lived in Colorado most of my life and my teams are the Rockies and the Twins (because I hate myself). I just admire the guy's work.
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