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Re: One Dollar Audios

So, I downloaded it and I notice there's a PDF named Vortex 46.pdf, it's a whole newspaper, lots of ads, but, looks to be quite a bit of Interview stuff as well. Do you get this with all/most/many downloads, and I've been ignoring it? If so, I need to re-unzip my other purchases to get to past issues. Just the one that came with this download will be some fun reading material. I assume the "46" is 46th monthly issue?

I generally just go straight to burning the CD and getting rid of the unzipped files, and save the Zip. Since I keep the discs in CD wallets, instead of individual jewel cases, I don't even bother with printing the covers (Maybe 1 day, I'll print them all and put the stack in the Wallets as well
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