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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Fine by me nobody got in, although IMO Biggio kind of deserved to get in on the first ballot.

Not just why first ballot, but what's the argument that he belongs at all?

3000 hits is really his claim, but when you play 20 years, is that really impressive? Only had 200 hits in a season once, only hit over .300 3 or 4 times, never really had those big HoF seasons, just a nice player for a long time. Hall of Very Good, not sure Hall of Fame.

Anyone ever afraid of facing him? Ever really dominate the league in anything? MVP? More then a handful of All-Star appearances? Carry a team through a World Series or two?

Baseball's funny with the importance of stats, and especially the 'counting' stats as a requirement for HoF entrance. 3000 hits, 500 HRs, 300 wins, etc. With shorter careers, those were biggies, but with the 20+ year careers, not impressed by being merely decent for a long time. You can wax poetic over Babe Ruth, or Mantle, Ted Williams, etc. Anyone really excited about seeing Biggio play?

I'm a 'meh' on that one.

Call me a Red Sox homer, but I put more importance on Schilling's post-season heroics (while falling short on counting stats) over Biggio making the 3000 hits but never really carrying a team or 3 on his back, being dominant. Not sure either really HAS to be in or out, just think I'd rather see Schilling if I had to pick just one. 2001, 2004, 2007, Bloody Sock game, ending Boston's drought, etc...
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