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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Incidentally we were teased with a "Fired" teaser yesterday for April with the Avengers shown in the background. I believe that perhaps people will start figuring out that Peter isn't exactly quite right sooner than even I thought.
I wonder if that's Slott's solution to the sexual consent issues raised by the situation. He's been telling people to read SSM #2 because the answer's there, and I'm starting to think that MJ tells "Peter" to take a hike because (from her perspective) he's gone mental.
Sigh, this is all giving me the sense that this is another go at pleasing the Spider-Man "fans" who think Peter Parker always has to be miserable and anytime things go right for the guy it must be snuffed out quickly by having Parker comeback to find Otto royally screwed up his life.
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