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Re: 3D Software?

Posted by Intelligence:
thanks for the tip tha 2.33 is out... maybe blender won't crash that often now...
That's odd, I've had but a single crash of Blender and that's been ages ago. 2.33 is definately the best yet (but I guess that's the point of software updates huh?).

Posted by Galactus:
Ok I am going to try and learn blender and Animor8. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to get started. I have never used any programs like this so I am starting from scratch. I am hoping someone can direct me to any tutorials or somewhere where I can get some info on where to begin with the basics.

I got to increase my skills if I want to actually get a vote in the monthly art contest.
Here are some links that I've been meaning to post for awhile but just never seemed to get around to:

Blender Documentation, this link points to a page with lots of blender documentation links. Including the Official Blender User's Guide. It comes both as HTML and PDF (the PDF weighs in at 32 meg).

And here are some classroom based tutorials that a teacher created for his students. Comes in three parts but the section of "booleans" is definately worth missing (not because of the author but because that's one area Blender falls down in). It's partly made up for in some of the newest editing tools but I'll be glad when the new code goes in.
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