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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

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More directly to the point about the 1960s being a mythic period of experimentation in cinema, is there really another studio film from the era comparable to 2001: A Space Odyssey? If not, as I think is the case, an outlier doesn't make for a strong argument that the past was superior to the present.
Good point. Here's a list of the American films that came out in 1968, the year of 2001's release. There are some good and/or important movies on there, like Planet of the Apes, The Odd Couple, Night of the Living Dead, and The Producers, but the most experimental and unusual film I can find on the list other than 2001 is the Monkees' Head.
Planet of the Apes and The Andromeda Strain are definitely the two films that to me best exemplify the type of "similar to 2001" Sci-Fi movie Harvey asked for. Neither one is as awe-inspiring as 2001, but both are the same type "big-budget, epic, leisurely paced, abstract and philosophical Science Fiction film with no explosions, space battles or other spectacular devastation" as 2001.
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