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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

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^ I am so sorry to hear about your loss, Redfern.
I appreciate the kind thought, but that was almost 36 years ago. If I haven't come to terms with that situation by now, they might as well size me up for one of those nifty coats with the sleeves that buckle in the back. I just have an annoying knack for writing in "purple prose" on occasion.

I have a similar affinity for ABBA's "Dancing Queen" for the same reason. I was "lazing" in bed listening to the radio. That was the song playing when "it" happened. I made the mistake of casually mentioning this when I heard the song played during a company sponsored picnic. Turned out the co-worker standing next to me arranged the music. Poor schnook turned pale, fearing it had upset me was was about to dash for the audio system to cut the music. I almost had to seize him by the collar before he could embarrass himself in his haste. I assured him the song did not upset or even bother me. It simply had a bit more meaning to me than for some people.


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