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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

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Well beltran did not like the show,did not like the cast,did not like hes character...he is also very annoying,its a dam job!!!
you do it get paid and forget about it,instead he goes around in hes videos on youtube etc acting like a child.
How is that different that how you've been going around posting about how great Voyager is? People aren't going to share the same opinions and have the right to voice them.

You may as well be critical of someone because they don't share the same favorite color as you.
Well i don't mind people having different opinions,as long they have real arguments.
Mr Moore said Voyager never traded or struggled for supplies and power and that was clearly wrong because there were many episodes.
Oh sure there are a handful of episodes they are doing this, a couple each season I'd say, but this is the exception and not the rule. When you factor in there are a 172 episodes, I'd say that number falls in under ten percent. It's a perfectly valid argument to say for the majority of the episodes, they could've just been "boldly going" like they were in TOS and TNG.
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