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Re: Crew members and their roles

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In the TNG episode, they mentioned Ro Laren's instructor was Chakotay. I had wondered if that was a throw out to Voyager's Chakotay, Adrmial Chakotay (no relationship) or someone else. Chakotay, for whatever reason, seemed like a "go to" name more often then it should have.

If it was in fact Voyager's Chakotay (did we ever get a first or last name for him, I never saw it mentioned anywhere), I think the series could have made a point to connect that. If that was the case, things start to magically fit for him.
The "Academy Lt." who was her instructor in Advanced Tactical Training was never formally identified as Chakotay. This was the original idea, but they decided against it on Voyager when dealing with Chakotay's backstory. The actual name of the instructor was never mentioned on screen. Chakotay's stated date of resignation on Voyager is a couple of years before Ro would have been at the Academy, anyway.

Likewise, Tom Paris was supposed to be Nicholas Lacarno, but it actually makes sense that they didn't go that route since Lacarno was an asshat and would have been a much different character than what Paris turned out to be.
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