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Re: Security Chief Kim...really?

Caretaker part 1
caretaker part 2
... Those two are redundant, it's introducing the Maquis so of course it's about the Maquis, episodes are reflections of the pilot and this is the pilot that sets the tone of the rest of the episodes, and really you're so short on proof you have to list this episode twice? Denied, Denied.

Parallax... B'Elanna breaks Carey's naose and gets a promotion. Chakotay claims that the Maquis need representaion i n the command structure and that his peoeple are not going to be content just swabbing the decks and preparing meals... The crews aren't integrated "yet" it was a fun period that lasted ONE EPISODE. Approved.

Prime Factors... This is a Seska Episode. You might as well say that every episode focussing on Tom or Tuvok were also Maquis episodes because they used to be Maquis. Be9isdes in the end it was Tuvok who took the bullet and not B'Elanna being manipulated by Seska claiming that the Maquis way of getting things done is better... Which would be all Maquissy is she was a Maquis but she wasn't. Denied.

State of Flux. More Seska. She's not a complete Bitch because she's Maquis, she's a complete Bitch because she's a spoonhead. Denied.

Learning Curve. To Tuvok with Love. Pulling some Maquis up by their bootstraps. Approved.

Manoeuvres. Another Seska episode. Seska wasn't a Maquis, just like she wasn't Starfleet. Denied.

Prototype. A B'Elanna episode where she teaches robots how to boff? Denied.

Alliances. I'm seeing pattern here. Seska episodes are more %70 Cardassian Spy episodes than they ever could be Retired Maquis episodes. Denied

Dreadnought. YES! Finally! Maquis bomb gone rogue in the Delta Quadrant. Seriously? Caretaker tried to have sex with dreadnought? That fucker had no lights on upstairs. Approved!

Resolutions. WTF? They both retired from Starfleet! But Chakotay is a Maquis so it's a Maquis episode, and Tuvok, a former Maquis was Captain so it's victory for the Maquis??! Pull the other other one. DENIED!

Basics part 1
Basics part 2
Seska ditto. Stop making shit up. This camping trip would have unified the crew under a single banner more so than almost any other adventure they had. They didn't divide into two factions. They stuck together. Denied, denied.

Worst Case Scenario. Cardassian Spy episode. Denied.

Random thoughts. Dreams about their past lives that included a slipet of past antics as a Maquis. Just a slipet... HHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... I'll give it to you approved.

Repression. Totally. Yes. A fricking Maquis episode without a doubt. Approved.

Shattered. Really? Young Janeway puts a Maquis terrorist leader under lock and key only to slowly uncover that he never was a Maquis leader any more and that he is a wise and noble Starfleet Officer just like she is and it was only her preconceptions and lack of any capacity to think fourth dimensionally that... Well, I suppose you had Maquis from the pilot running about but since I wouldn't accept the pilot as an episode about the Maquis it would be hypocritical to accept this, however the entire point of Shattered is "Look How we've grown" and for some of the crew that would have tenuously been from Maquis to NOT Maquis. This episode explains why there are so few Maquis episodes, because they have mostly forgotten that they were Maquis. I mean as soon as they cross border into federation, surely it's their duty is to take the ship from Janeway and and blow up as many Cardassian planets and out posts until they're John Dillingered. Grudgingly approved.


%75 of the episodes you mentioned are just there because the word "Maquis" was in te Script.%90 of the episodes you mention are just there because Seska is there. Prime Factors is tricky because even though I know that Martha had no Idea that Seska was a Cardassian at that point, I'm only %80 sure that the writers also had no idea that Seska was a Cardassian too, so because of the ignorance of the production squad, it means that Seska was just a mischievous Maquis trouble maker fucking about and not a manipulative Cardassian spy mistress with a master plan.

Flip a frakking coin.

A Maquis story should explore the Maquis condition as a collective of individuals or as a political movement or minority unwittingly marginalized by Starfleet or how they take back their wind and celebrate their distinctiveness, it should investigate their past or set forth a route into their future.

It should be about the Maquis, and not just have Token Maquis as wallpaper in the background.

By my count, I only found 6 Maquis episodes out of your list of a staggering 17 Maquisentric episodes... 14 of which happened in the first 3 seasons, and that goes up to 15 if you count Shattered since so much of it was set in the past.

It's almost like you're willing to lie to put your point across.
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