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Re: How Would You Reboot TNG Into The Abrams-Verse?

I think a TNG reboot would stick very closely to what the characters were like in the first season (with Picard being very snappish and Geordi having a flip sense of humor), but both the action content and Troi's cleavage would be increased significantly. Wesley would be a Starfleet cadet; Yar would be tactical chief with Worf as security chief; and there would be nothing remotely coy about the relationship between Picard and Crusher. Riker would be clean-shaven at the start of the movie, but would have the first signs of a beard towards the end. Data would be undeniably the ship's sciences officer.

The uniforms would be similar in style to ones from season three onward, but the branch colors would be noticeably darker in color. The props--such as phasers and tricorders--would be sleeker, but otherwise unchanged in overall design. The Enterprise-D herself would be slightly longer and wider, but would still have a wide saucer section and somewhat swept-forward nacelles.

And there will be Borg--and a new adversary even worse than the Borg that will remind us that going where no one has gone before sometimes comes with a price...
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