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Re: Security Chief Kim...really?

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Voyager didn't use the Maquis to any effect during the show, so I'm not sure why you expected them to in the books.
Yes they did,

Caretaker part 1
caretaker part 2
Prime Factors
State of Flux
Learning Curve
Basics part 1
Basics part 2
Worst case Scenario
Random thoughts

your clearly are mistaken there are many episodes that have a main Maquis plot...

This is a big criticism that has no grounds,Voyager had many episodes that revolved around the Maquis but after season 3 its only logical that after 3 years people who hate each other will start to adapt and work together because they are 70 years away from home and lost in an uncharted part of the Galaxy it was only logical.
I think you're mistaking having Maquis characters in an episode for using the Maquis as a plot device.

Caretaker- Did introduce the Maquis accordingly.
Parallax- Minor B plot about them wanting to mutiny. Showed good promise at first I'll admit.
Prime Factors- That was less the Maquis and more the crew being Carey and Tuvok composed half of the people stealing the projector thing to get home.
State of Flux- A Cardassian spy doesn't qualify as a "Maquis" episode
Learning Curve- This episode did remember the Maquis were there and might have a hard time fitting in. I'd have loved to see more of these characters throughout the show.
Maneuvers- This is about a Seska/Chakotay conflict, not the Maquis
Alliances- This episode was about the Kazon and the Trabe. You just had a disgruntled Hogan mouth off at the beginning... so this episode isn't quite Maquis.
Dreadnaught- References the past, but really is just about Torres fixing something
Resolutions- How is this about the Maquis? It's about Janeway and Chakotay being stranded.
Basics- Suder was a fun character and I'm glad they brought him back. One character really doesn't make a Maquis plot though.
Worst Case Scenario- It's kind funny in this one they had to make a fantasy scenario about the Maquis behaving like they should have been!
Random Thoughts- A Torres episode about her being angry and a thought nazi culture. Not the Maquis.
Repression- Again, it's funny how it takes alien mind control to make the Maquis act like Maquis.
Shattered- This was more an episode about Janeway and Chakotay's relationship and how it evolved over the seven years.

So sure, the Maquis are around and even referenced on ocassion, but there's not much about them. Out of those episodes you listed I'd say three of them were -about- the Maquis and two of those were holodeck/mind control influences.

They pretty much just behave like assimilated Starfleet crewmembers for the most part. On occasion it'll be brought up there's an issue or problem, but it's forgotten about by next week and never mentioned again. So there is plenty of grounds to say that Voyager squandered it's Maquis plot.

You can strand a team of Navy SEALS and an Al-Quaida terrorist cell on the same island, facing the same problems, that doesn't mean they should work together well.

While I'm not saying the Maquis should've been trying to rebel every single episode we should've seen way more cliquedoms, and differences in ideologies and methods of how to get home. That would have been some great drama if they used it properly.
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