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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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But that's a problem of the consumer who made an ill-fated purchase decision. For all of us, that do care about optimal program presentation we're basically getting the "finger". IMHO, and I've been told that's supposedly the common Blu-ray standard, what's on the disc (the source) should contain the optimal presentation and framing, regardless of what your display can or can't do!
You could've made a similar argument back in 1987. Demand that the guys over at The Post Group deliver the show on tape with only the action safe area visible (no overscan)... and just tell the public, "Hey, you want to see the area we intended you to see? Then you should have bought a professional underscan monitor that allows you to fit all of our picture into the visible part of your cathode ray tube. You made an ill-fated purchase decision."

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So are you saying Corey Allen (RIP) was not a professional DP?
Yes! He was not a professional director of photography. He was an actor and director.
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