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Re: Episode of the Week: We'll Always Have Paris

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The two seconds of missing footage was remarkably noticeable - guess that highlights what a superb job CBS have done with this remaster!
Please tell me you meant "wasn't remarkably noticeable" because CBS has done a terrific job in bringing TNG into High Definition. Yeah, the SD sucks, but considering that it's two seconds out of hours upon hours of footage, it's a blessing. They just couldn't find it.
No. I meant it was obvious where the two seconds of SD footage were. When I saw the warning "contains 2 seconds of SD" I laughed thinking "I'll never spot where that is" (the warning doesn't tell you where it is). I am just saying that it was easily spotted and the contrast between the SD and HD made it even clearer what a superb job they've done with this remaster.

I don't understand what I wasn't making clear in my original post? I know it's "just two seconds" and it doesn't bother me at all.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that having bought a HD television and Blu-ray just for this project, I had not realised the massive difference between SD & HD before seeing these two seconds.
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