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Re: Crew members and their roles

Timo --- it's really hard having a conversation with you (or with you in the threads sometimes) because you always get into arguments over what information you will and won't accept.

There's plenty of information out there written from the writers you just don't take into account and weather you PERSONALLY don't like use it, you should at least be open to OTHERS who do.

Can you please drop the holier then thou attitude. It's getting really tiresome.

In contrast Guy Gardner, you measure up to your namesake. Weather I agree with you or not, I almost always enjoy reading your comments.

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He resigned from his position as an instructor in Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training and sometime later joined the Maquis. (VOY: "In the Flesh")

I know I read an article some time ago in the now defunct Star Trek Magazine about Chakotay's bad luck with shuttles (and yes it's not a good record) but the worse record belongs to Tuvok and he didn't even have to be piloting, all he had to do was be along for the ride to have the shuttle crash.
In the TNG episode, they mentioned Ro Laren's instructor was Chakotay. I had wondered if that was a throw out to Voyager's Chakotay, Adrmial Chakotay (no relationship) or someone else. Chakotay, for whatever reason, seemed like a "go to" name more often then it should have.

If it was in fact Voyager's Chakotay (did we ever get a first or last name for him, I never saw it mentioned anywhere), I think the series could have made a point to connect that. If that was the case, things start to magically fit for him.

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I repeat, Kim did the job of a quartermaster even if that wasn't his title.

Of course, "personal" items for crew are handled by replicators, so it's not like he's counting blankets, and making sure that crew doesn't get new boots until the old ones are worn out, although he would have been the bean counter keeping track of everyone replicator rationing and if he wasn't so square he might have considered cooking the books.
You know, I think Kim would have done the job of janitor if it got high accolades from Janeway, lol.
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