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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

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I don't understand what you're saying. The point is that 2001, a big-budget, epic, leisurely paced, abstract and philosophical Science Fiction film with no explosions, space battles or other spectacular devastation would not be made today or appreciated by the mainstream audience if it were. How does Nolan's work, typical of the action blockbuster that does make money, contradict that?
My point was that Nolan could indeed make 2001, and he could also make it as a leisurely paced abstract philosophical science fiction film with no explosions. Just because he made Inception and Dark Knight doesn't mean those are the only films in his wheelhouse: The Prestige and Memento are fantastic examples of his directorial ability. It's just that those two films didn't feature much need for special effects. But you combine his tact for directing with the "big budget" for 2001, and you would be able to reproduce the Discovery complete with habitat ring and weightlessness using practical effects. It wouldn't need to all be done with CGI.
I'll buy that, but the question is would the studio greenlight it and would people go to see it?
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