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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Broken Bow, 2001. Sacrifices, 2004.

It's the delivery but also that she holds her face in exactly the same way.. this tension in the cheeks to show she's not happy. She did hold off on the twitching eyes that T'Pol spent a season doing, I kept expecting to see it. And yes I liked T'Pol fine, and I thought the portrayal of a flawed Vulcan barely holding it together was a good one.. but perhaps that's all she's got? Ishta's interesting though, her Xena gals are interesting, their struggle adds a lot to the Jaffa storyline and she's a nice match with Teal'c. So presumably she will soon die.

Also, god bless Bra'tac he is always a fine inclusion to any episode and it's great to see him still with us as a recurring character 8 seasons in.
Yea, Bra'tac always adds a star to an episode's rating. He's great in Once upon a Time also as Gepetto
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