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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

2001 is darkly personal for me.

The first time I had the chance to see it was on February 13, 1977. NBC has announced it for a few weeks before the intended airing. True, it wasn't Cinerama; it wasn't even the newer multiplexes that were cropping up in that decade, but it would have been my first time seeing it.

That Sunday morning, around 7:30 EST, my father suffered a fatal coronary.

He was the only family I had within 400 miles. (My mother had died some 11 years earlier.) So my aunt drove from south Georgia to handle the practical issues like transporting to her home town.

That night as she and her husband were securing items that didn't need to be left unprotected in the house, searching for various legal documents and whatnot, I watched bits and pieces of the film in a daze, trying the blot out the horrible reality that my father, basically the center of my "world" was dead.

No, that doesn't mean I can not bear to watch the film. Quite the opposite, I love it. I've even improvised some MST3K type routines when watching it with friends. But for me, it will always be more than "just" a film. It would be oddly fitting if I die while watching it yet again (at a hopefully far, FAR off date).


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