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Re: eBook prices getting stupid

You know, I just thought that I'd check Kobo (used to be owned by Canadian bookstore chain Chapters-Indigo, and is now on its own)---and Kobo currently has A Fury Scorned for just $7.99!

And I did a comparison on (the online division of Chapters-Indigo that still lists books on Kobo, since Kobo is still their official ebook partner) and is showing that for the TP here in Canada it is currently $21.99 (SRP)/$16.71 current sale price, while the ebook version is $7.99 and the current Mass Market list price (even though the book is no longer available in MMP form) is $7.99. Check it out

Another book I checked (just off the top of my head) is Voyager Spirit Walk book 2, and the Mass Market price is currently at $10.99, while the Kobo e-book edition is $9.99.

TNG #29 Sins of Commission by Susan Wright currently has the TP at $21.99 (with a reorder next to it), the MMP is at $6.99 and the ebook is at $9.99.

It seems like for those of us here in Canada with Kobo are getting the better deal.
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