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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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...that Korean actor (can't remember his name) from "Hawaii 5-0".
Daniel Dae Kim. Although he's only Korean by birth, American by upbringing and citizenship.

So although we may not see many depictions of Asian males and Black females, it's probably a safer depiction than an Asian male with a white, or even Asian female as far as what Americans want to see.
That seems to be less and less the case over time. The younger generation is more used to multiculturalism and these matters aren't as big a deal to them. I see plenty of interracial relationships on TV these days, and it's not treated as an "issue" or a big deal anymore. Not to mention that there are increasingly many bi- or multiracial actors and actresses these days, people who blur the lines between ethnic categories.
At best, that's very questionable. I think it's important to realize that in the case of Asian American depiction in media, there is an Asian media watch group that confronts the media when they feel they are being unfairly portrayed in specific TV shows, etc.

No change has ever come about solely due to media teams deciding what they are doing is wrong. The changes are generally made due to being confronted by those who feel they are being victimized by media stereotype.

The Asian racism issue is quite a bit more subtle than the Black racism issue. From what I gather (not being an Asian male), they have more of a low-key approach because they want to avoid certain extremes like the Black exploitation movies, where certain people cashed in on portraying Black alpha-male types with multiple women (including White), and putting down the evil White crooked businessmen.

There really has not been a lot of change. And what little there is is probably due to pressure the media normally wouldn't give in to. The media is somewhat forced to take negative Asian stereotypes a bit more seriously, although they will still attempt to appease to the common American male who still wants to see the Asian geeks, Kung Fu eunuchs, etc.
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