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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Evil of the Daleks - I enjoyed this one all the way around. Picks up drectly from the Faceless Ones. I enjoy the way the setting kept changing (It kind of reminded me of Hartnell's The Chase in that way) from the Airport, to The Shop to The Victorian house to The Dalek facility. It was great to see Victoria's introduction

Tomb of The Cybermen - I also really enjoyed this one too. I've seen the first episode previously, but, hadn't seen the entire Serial. Great Cybermen story, did we see Cybermats prior to this, I don't recall? Anyways the Cybermats were really fun and Keeg was a great Psycho. in addition to all that, after watching 35 episodes, and only 8 of them with moving pictures (2 of them being The Talking Animated Telesnaps), I was probably even more exited to have 4 Surviving in good condition episodes in a row. So, this was Telos? This is the forerunner to Attack of The Cybermen? I always wondered what Serial that was.

Next up The Abominable Snowmen
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