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Re: What is your favorite series and why?

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Why would it's non-canon status preclude its being on a list of possible favorite series?
Because if i put 1 that is not canon,i am gonna have to put many others. should i put every fan made trek production??
Well, let's see...

The production was licensed by Paramount, overseen by Roddenberry, had scripts by Fontana and Gerrold among others and had the entire cast back in their original roles minus Walter Koenig (who wrote The Infinite Vulcan). Plus elements of the show were used in DS9, ENT and Star Trek 2009.

If you can show me a fan film that has all those elements, then I'd say add them to the list.

And having TAS there would only serve to siphon off votes from TOS. Which I'm sure would make some Modern Trek fans feel better about their respective series.
oh!!! i really did not know all of this,thank you for the information.
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