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Re: How Would You Reboot TNG Into The Abrams-Verse?

The TNG characters really aren't iconic like the TOS characters. Recast them, and you lose too much. Data is the only real exception, so I'd start with him as the core character and build a story around him. I probably wouldn't go for the starship-going-boldly format, which has been done and then some.

Conversely, from a business perspective, the starship approach probably is the most likely to be a success, but if that were my goal, I'd stick to something in the 23rd C, and have a major character introduced in the third movie that would become the lead, or a major character in the TV series, to give the movie audience a reason to follow the story ontothe small screen.

So my real answer is: I wouldnt try to reboot TNG at all. It's not interesting creatively, and not the most likely approach to be a financial success either.

I'd aim to do this all on TV because for movies, there's no reason to leave the TOS characters after three movies. Keep using them till Abrams gets bored, or the movie audience does. (The former is more likely to happen first.)
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