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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

^Even less value for money I'm afraid.
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Can't log in at the moment (judging by the Customer Support forum, I'm not the only one, especially in the EU). Probably some kind of bug introduced by the new patch, or some emergency maintenance. I was getting random lag spikes & disconnects last night and today I can't even pull up the server list.
No problems logging in, though I've had quite a lot of C2DTs over the last week or so.

Inquistor is certainly fun so far, especially as a female sorceror. It feels quite appropriate for the storyline and there's lots of scope for sassy backchat, as you say, and a gradual drift to the dark side feels very natural given the events she experiences too. I like the way the story has just developed as I go into Act 2.
I love my Inquisitor Assassin. She's such a snarky little so-and-so.

Having said that, for my next character I'm thinking about a male Smuggler, because I hear if you play him as chaotic good, you get into some entertaining Indiana Jones type situations and humour.
Am I right in guessing that the whole LS/DS thing only matters to Jedi and Sith? As far as I can tell, only lightsabers have alignment requirements and aside from crew affection, a few extra mail rewards here and there I haven't noticed any major impact on the non-force user classes.

On the new patch, I do like the option to pay to unlock more character slots, though it does seem annoyingly expensive. I'll probably pay for med probes first, and get the extra quickbars for Preferred as I will really need them soon, and it'll be a while before I need the extra character slot.
I'm not sure that it's worth buying med probes. unless I misunderstand they're consumable, so once you use them all have to buy more...with actual money. I wouldn't mind if it was in-game currency and you could spend real money to expand your capacity, but paying to not respawn 500+ meters away? No thanks.

I'm keeping an eye on the GTN as there are a lot of cartel items on there. The odd thing is that a lot of the asking prices are *way* over the credit cap for F2P or even preferred. I say odd because a lot of these items are only useful to non-subs. I have noticed the extra quickbars dip under the 200K mark (barely!) so at least some subs have twigged.
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