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Re: Urban Fantasy: Vampire and Witches and Weres, oh my!

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Sorry, Technobuilder, it's OK we're up to speed. Bob summoned me from the Nevernever when he found it. Will you be interested in Jim's new steampunk venture? I have to say I didn't warm to the Codex Alera very much.
No problem! I just wish Jim hadn't gotten sick this book tour and we'd gotten 2 more Q&A videos.

I'm sorry you didn't seem to warm to Codex Alera, but I rather enjoyed the world of Carna and wouldn't mind going back some day. Of course, as always, it was the characters and their relationships that got me. Max was the best friend a guy could have. Ehren, all at once unassumingly and yet scarily capable. The Carnim, The Icemen. I'd love to go back in a hundred and fifty years and see what the world looks like then.

As for the Steampunk Series... I'm game.
I've never been "into" steampunk, but it's a nifty concept and I think I will enjoy whatever Butcher does at this point regardless of genre.

If I had a preference though I'd love to see his Dresden Spin-Off series featuring the Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress. (aka the Dresdenverse Goverment Body Clued-in and Capable of dealing with the Supernatural)
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