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New Blood, Part 11

"Is that the official manifest and security plan from the Ambassador Garak's office?" Carl asked as he walked into the Security Office the next morning.

"It is." Adam Martoni said from behind his desk, looking over the PADD in his hands. Standing beside him was Senior Chief Mack Gerhardt, the Security Leading Chief Petty Officer.

"Thanks for that analysis by the way." Adam continued as he sipped his raktajino.

"No problem, and I do have a favor to ask." Carl replied.

"What is that?" Adam said.

"I'm about to have a nice chat with Quark to see what he can corroborate as far as what we know about the Cardassian delegation." Carl replied, "And I understand you hold a bargaining chip."

"You mean the 2327 kanar Quark illegally imported?" Adam replied.

"Exactly." Carl replied.

I knew these Asymmetric Warfare Group guys are a bit unconventional but this is new... Adam thought, "And for what reason?"

"Well, Quark might know some details that escaped making it into either Ambassador Garak's official report or my analysis." Carl replied.

"And you intend to coax this information from Quark by getting him his 2327 kanar?" Adam began.

"Precisely." Carl replied with a smile, "You have to admit Quark's business acumen could prove to be a veritable asset. Think of the information he can drum up in his quest for profit."

"Think of the number of station regulations, planetary laws he's likely to break. Not to mention how high he's liable to raise Strickland's blood pressure. And mine." Adam replied.

"Tell you what, Adam, I'll run interference with Strickland." Carl replied.

"I'll think about it." Adam replied.

"Think fast, ok." Carl said, before walking out of the office.


"Lieutenant Lefler." Strickland said, "How is the progress for preparing the conference room for Ambassador Garak's visit?"

"It's coming along as scheduled, sir. I am also ensuring that the Cardassian delegates have quarters relatively close together." Robin replied, "I'm still wanting confirmation on exactly how many Cardassians will be here."

"You at least planned for a fluctuation, right?" Strickland asked.

"Ten percent." Robin said, "Which is about the norm."

It was around then that Carl Draper walked into OPS, a PADD tucked under his arm. He headed over to Strickland and Robin. He flashed a quick grin to Robin before walking over to Strickland, "Sir, I have a proposal in mind for you."

He handed the PADD to Strickland and Strickland began to read the contents, "That Kanar was illegally imported, you're asking me to release this back to Quark?"

"Sir, Quark does have his fingers in a fair amount of business in this sector. It would be quite helpful for intelligence if he were willing to share it." Draper replied.

"Lieutenant Draper, that would set a bad precedent." Strickland replied.

"Possibly," Draper said, "And we'll have to keep a weather eye on Quark. But the tradeoff is..."

"The tradeoff is a slacker gets to go around existing laws." Strickland said.

"There's no need to max him out." Draper replied, "A fine and a warning should work."

"But Quark will be able to make up the difference in the obviously inflated price he'll charge the delegation." Strickland said.

"Yes sir." Draper replied, "However, with that gesture we can build rapport and..."

"Building rapport with slackers? Is that how the Asymmetric Warfare Group gets things done?" Strickland said.

Robin took the opportunity to take a couple steps away from the rather heated argument that was starting up. I knew the AWG does things in a not entirely conventional manner. And anyway it's not like Quark is a common crook. Ok, I trust him as far as I can throw him, which admittedly isn't far...

"Sir," Carl replied, "We may not be conventional, but my analysis contains precisely how this could benefit us and..."

"Not another word, Draper." Strickland said.

Right about then Colonel Kira came out of her office, "Commander Strickland, Lieutenant Draper, I need to see both of you about this proposal, now..."

Kira looks like she's just eaten about six kilos of duracrete... Robin thought.

"Did you send this proposal to Colonel Kira as well?" Strickland asked.

"Yes sir." Draper replied.

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