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Re: Episode of the Week: We'll Always Have Paris

A scientist's experiment bringing about Armageddon, and our heroes rushing in to save the world - all fine and well. Approaching doom serving as an excuse of surprising and beautiful visual effects - excellent. Some personal involvement across the board - even better. Bread and butter of dramatic episodic writing, even if there's nothing actually thought-provoking there.

But the execution of the ultimate jeopardy was particularly ill thought out. Why can't our heroes shut down the experiment with a minimum of fuss? Because the scientist has booby-trapped his equipment! Makes no sense whatsoever. He may be secretive and paranoid, but booby traps would paint him as insane, and he's not supposed to be that. Even Noonien Soong never was this crazy, and he had more reason to be afraid of things like industrial espionage.

With the jeopardy so implausible, all the beautiful effects and fine stunts and Spiner cuteness can't manage to hide the fact that it's just filler and artificial tension, and the story would perhaps have been better served with Data beaming down, facing those time-copies of himself, and sorting it all out in a scene one-tenth the length.

Timo Saloniemi
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