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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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A Spider in the Web - This was a good episode. I will say that I'm getting sick of annoying senators. The government stuff never acomplishes anything except to show that all senators are either idiots or corrupt, and just seem to be used as filler/exposition. Its not a huge deal, but if the mysterious entities they keep hinting at do come and attack, I hope the Earth Government gets destroyed. Also, is it just me or does it seem weird that pretty much no one other than B5 personnel have communications devices? What is with that? I mean, when the cyborg is ordered to eliminate Talia and kills the security officer, she barely gets saved by her mind powers and then has to run screaming for help, because she has no communication device. It seems like having some way to call for help would be sueful, even if portable personal communications isn't alolowed for some stupid reason.

The cyborg was interesting. I do wonder how Psi Corps is involved with this mysterious orginazation. The woman was wearing her badge, so even though the computer says shes dead, it may just be a death faked by the Corp. One thing this episode did is make me want to see Winters die. She is so fanatical in her devotion to the Psi Corps that she actually covers up their possible involvement in the cyborg plot? Seriously, shes either a fanatic or an idiot, or both. To be clear, i don't hate the character, I just now want to see her cover up exposed and then see her get punished for being an idiot. I am interested in learning why all telepaths seem to be idiots or loyal to the Corps. Are there really no legal telepaths in the Corps with minds of their own? Even if they have all be indoctrinated since they were young, there must be one or two of them with some free will, we just haven't seen them. I hope we see Walter Koenig again this season. So, overall, I enjoyed this episode, and I do hope the stuff that happens in this episode gets followed up on in other episodes (I'm assuming it will).
Many of your questions/concerns will be addressed in due course
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