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herewith I declare The Ranting Thread opened!

Have a rant? Let it out and get a few hugs from your comrades in misery.


I moved last year. My ex-landlady is quite demented and calls me whenever she hears suspicious sounds (meaning: all the time because she has tinnitus), claiming that I sneak around in her house and make noises. When I point out to her that I hardly can be on the phone at my new appartment and making noise at her place at the other end of town simultaneousely, she insists that I must have given a key to my BF who does teh noises for me. (Which BF?! The Pope has more sex than I! - But that'd be another rant. Nevertheless I certainly know better things to do with a male than letting him make noises unless those are a direct consequence of what I am just doing to him )
I blocked her number on my phone and enjoyed a paradise-like 9 weeks of peace and quiet. But apparently the block was erased during the holidays (presumably a computer glitch at my phone provider). When I came home today after a funeral (no relative, fortunately, but my parents' neighbour) I found a call from the old hag on my phone. Shan't return it, of course, and immediately reinstated the block. Still, my pulse and blood pressure are quite off the scale. Old habits die slow - she had terrorised me for almost a year and I am so used to being stressed by her that seeing her number on the display is enough to give me hearttrouble. Maybe I should see a psychatrist (and send her the bill!!). If it was someone my age I'd whack or sue her, but what can you do against someone who is 85 and rather feeble-minded?

Fortunately, time is working in my favour and the problem will solve itself in a perfectly natural and environmentally-friendly way within a few years
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away

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