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Re: Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark?

She looks stupid. That, plus the fact that in the New 52 when she met Constantine she was basically a magical stripper just helped kill her as a character I was interested in, when it comes to reading comic books. To be fair to her new look, not one hero or villain that got a redesign has a redesign that is better than the original look, but atleast a few came out tolerable. Her new origin is more understandable, and made a bit more tolerable by comparison, when you realise DC made a lot of their female characters either idiots (Wonder Woman) or sex objects with no personality (Starfire) with the New 52, so her being a magical stipper who atleast has a brain makes her better than most New 52 female characters. But, that doesn't make save her from being just another ruined New 52 hero I used to really like who I now have no desire to read. I still like the character, just not the New 52 version. Like with pretty much all DC characters, I'll continue to read and enjoy her old DCU adventures, and ignore her in the New 52.

That said, and back on topic, if shes not a magic stripper, I'd like to see her in a movie, along with other magic heroes.
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