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Re: NuTrek spinoff series: you're the producer

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What if you were in charge of producing a new Star Trek television series directly based on JJ Abrams' series of movies. The suits ask you to keep only one character/actor from the movies, and build a spinoff series around him or her.

What do you do? Karl Urban in "McCoy, Frontier Doctor"? ZoŽ Saldana in a futuristic spy show? Zachary Quinto in "Spock, the Last Vulcan"? What is the premise of the show, which main character do you pick and who are the show's other characters?
The most logical choice, of course, would be Spock, since he was the most popular character from TOS. Whether one could create an entire spinoff series with him as the lead however, remains to be seen.
Of course you create a spinoff starring Spock, and it woul be a huge hit.

NuSpock as a Star Fleet Academy Instructor, another main Actor as an Instructor who is Iconic in SciFi from a mayb Decade ago, like Nathan Fillion or Sara Michelle Gellar or Jeffrey Combs and then a bunch of 20-somethings as the Cadets, lots of Teen angst and bed hopping and put it on CW, oh nd have at least one of th cadets be from an alien species that are Vampires, you could have lots angst wth the character fighting the urge to feed or maybe a sexy female as a young Q cadet trying to fit in without her powers.

Now, of course, this porbably wouldn't be to the taste of alot of Trekkies begging for a new series, but, it would be a hit, I believe.
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