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My favorite moment -- right off the top of my Trek-saturated head -- is the "I don't recognize your authority to relieve me!" moment when Spock relieves Commodore Decker of command of the Enterprise in Doomsday Machine.

A very close second: in Journey to Babel, Kirk takes command from Spock after he has been stabbed in the lung -- and orders Spock to report to sickbay to give the blood transfusion!

~ Mr Atoz, the genuine replica.
You know you've seen too much Trek when you can hear every damn note of the music being played when I read your guys favorite lines....

"I don't recognize your authority to relieve me!" bumbumbumbumbumbummmmmm.....

I'm not gonna wade through this whole thread, I'll just grab a great one at random.

"Anytime you can bluff me doctor!!"

By the way what IS the name of that trope where you solve the problem by way of word association? Just word association? another example would be "An-tee-bodies!"

Edit: The only thing about Journey to Babel that bothered me was the implication that Scotty couldn't handle command in that situation.
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