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Re: Nemesis, and Geordi's lovely brown eyes.

In-universe, it seemed LaForge always had the option of getting "normal", biological eyes - he just didn't realize it until Pulaski told him so. But he always flat out refused it, on basis of not wanting to be handicapped that way. Now there's an exemplary attitude and a nice twist in the story!

Riker apparently didn't believe in LaForge's conviction, but did believe in Pulaski's technique, as he gave Geordi a pair of pretty human eyes in the fantasy of "Future Imperfect". Q may have fantasized the same thing for Picard's benefit against his better knowledge in "All Good Things...".

But it is quite possible that LaForge did finally succumb and got the operation done, even if the Fountain of Youth cure from ST:INS didn't stick.

Timo Saloniemi
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