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Re: Crew members and their roles

Make no mistake: Harry was Operations Officer Department Head from the moment he stepped foot on Voyager.
There's no dialogue to the effect that Kim would have been the Chief of Ops when coming aboard. Ops officer, yes, but not department head.

We know that Picard was the Conn on Stargazer when he took command for the first time six years out of the Academy.
No, we don't. No episode makes any reference to the position or rank Picard held when taking command of the ship, nor do we learn when this might have taken place.

You can't have practically everyone being a department head
Why should a department need more than ten employees?

Either way, we see "Senior Staff" meetings all the time, which typically consist of our core characters. Those are your "Department Heads"
Well, Picard often gathered meetings where the CMO, the Chief Engineer or other such key figures were missing. Apparently, he relied on somebody present (say, his XO) to relay the decisions, orders and other results to the absent department heads.

It's not as if Janeway ever said she would regularly meet the thirteen, either. She said Tuvok would. For all we know, a big part of Worf's work was to receive daily reports from the 42 department heads of the E-D.

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