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Re: Crew members and their roles

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Harry is effectively the quartermaster.
^ Wow Guy, Ive gone 5 seasons not knowing what Harry's actual function on VOY. Thanks.
Yeah, Guy was pulling your leg. He tends to do that. Make no mistake: Harry was Operations Officer Department Head from the moment he stepped foot on Voyager.

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We don't know quite that much about Picard's background. He could hold doctorates on a number of subjects; such detail on our hero characters is typically missing, and Chakotay really is a rare exception in the level of exposure he gets.
Actually, we do. We know that Picard was the Conn on Stargazer when he took command for the first time six years out of the Academy. We also know that he developed the Picard Maneuver in response to the attack by the Ferengi. Those two instances, plus the numerous times we've seen him pilot both the Enterprise itself and shuttles with proficiency show that he is a more than capable pilot, probably moreso than your typical Starfleet Officer.

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Perhaps Tuvok has 13 out of 29 department heads report daily, as Janeway says, while others only report once in a blue moon?
I think that again is a mistake for Voyager, because there are only 150 people on board in the first place. That is way too many department heads for only 150 people. You can't have practically everyone being a department head, the vast majority of your crew is enlisted or Ensign level.

Either way, we see "Senior Staff" meetings all the time, which typically consist of our core characters. Those are your "Department Heads", and they filter down Janeway's wishes to their subordinates. Any members of the "Junior Staff" (like Ensign Jenkins, for example) would not attend Senior Staff meetings. Tom Paris, as Department Head, would instead give orders to Ensign Jenkins.
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