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Re: Unofficial Spinoffs (TV and Video)

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Oh, and Diankra, since Downtime is now on my "Must Obtain" list, how might I recognize your Cameo?
Trying to avoid spoilers... there are three people who get turned into monsters at one point. I'm the one on the left.

I'd suggested some possible locations to the producer, and headed along to do a set report when it was shot. Hence I was hanging around when director Chris Barry realised that if he used any of the 'proper' extras for this scene, they'd be inexplicably resurrected in the big finale crowd scenes he'd shot the previous day. So he looked around and 'volunteered' three of us... "You, you, you, into costume, now..."
"Some days are better than others. They say that where I come from."
"Loudly, I imagine, on the day you left."
(Blake's 7 - Rumours of Death)
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